Tragedy as Bank Customer Die in front of FCMB Mile 1 Over Bank Recklessness


In what seem like a movie but reality today in front of FCMB (Bank) by Education Bus stop at the popular Mile 1 Market, Port Harcourt, a young man gave up to ghost as bank staff all ran into the bank hall and locked up their bank not given access to customers inside and outside to neither come out nor come in.

Our reporter was at the seen of the event and report that a young man was lying dead inside the vehicle that conveyed him to the bank on the request of bank cashier that he (the account owner) must be brought to the bank even if his people have said he was critically ill and was in an unamed hospital

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Eyewitness who spoke with True Blue Reporters blamed the bank over the incident and frowned at the attitude of the bank staff

Another bank customer Miss Victoria told True Blue Reporters, “I blame the bank. We were all here waiting to go inside the bank turn by turn. This tall guy wanted to withdraw money but the cashier refused and asked him to go and bring the owner of the account. He told the cashier that the owner was ill at the hospital but the bank insisted he should go and bring him. Later he brought the man, went inside and told them. They said he should bring him inside the bank but he said no that the man is very sick and cannot come down. They insisted he should then go and swear affidavit, he said the Court was on strike yet they said that’s the only option. He went. At a time the security man checked the man, went inside and told them that the man is doing as if he wants to die. They came out and started calling the guy that brought him to come back fast that they will give him the money. Before he came, the man has died and all the bank staff including the security ran inside and locked themselves.”

The young man who brought him, in agony said he only came to the bank to withdraw #120 000 00 belonging to now the deceased for his medical bills and showed the papers given to him by the bank to fill

The police has just arrived the scene as at the time of filing this report while bank staff where all locked inside as there was no one available to speak to us


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