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Tonye Patrick Cole Reveals What He’ll Do For Rivers State Beyond Oil if Elected Governor

By Dandy Loveday

by True Blue Reporters

The governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Tonye Patrick Cole has revealed his plan for Rivers State in the area of Agriculture if he is finally elected the governor of Rivers State in 2023  

According to Tonye Patrick Cole, “When we talk about the economic growth of Rivers State, we cannot remove farming from that conversation.”

“Beyond the oil, farming is an important lever of sustainability for any state.
In fact, before the discovery of oil in Rivers State, farming was one of the primary sources of income for most Rivers indigenes. The over dependence and glorification of oil has caused us to neglect our huge economic potential in farming.” Tonye Cole stated

Cole revealed that there are lots of potentials in Rivers State to make it one of the biggest exporters of farm produce.

“Rivers State has the potential to become one of the biggest exporters of farm produce that includes yam, cassava, cocoyam, rice and seafoods such as oysters, shrimps and sea snails. The question, therefore, is this – how do we get on the right track where farming is concerned? I’ll share a few thoughts with you:

1. We need to empower our farmers with advanced tools that will make their work easier, faster and their produce of better quality.

2. We must encourage our youths to pick up an interest in the fishing & farming sector, and we must fund initiatives that empower these youths with skills that they can use to revive and develop the Agricultural sector in Rivers State.”

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He urged everyone in the state to be intentional about a new Rivers State.

“We really need to be intentional about the New Rivers State and it starts with a determination to harness the potential within in all sectors.” He stated

According to Tonye Cole, “No more over dependence on one source of income or on one city. Rivers State is full of potential, and we will maximise it.”

“What do you think about a Rivers State that feeds the other parts of Nigeria?” He asked


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