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Reaction As Aisha Buhari Travels Through Railway

by True Blue Reporters

Reaction trails the recent travel from Kaduna to Abuja through railway by the first lady and wife of Nigeria’s President, Aisha Buhari. A youth leader in Rivers State, Baridam Ben describes it as a commendable development Nigerian government has offered to its citizens.

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According to him, “Buhari and members of his immediate family have always travelled by planes provided by the presidential air fleet since 2015. For first time since then, Aisha Buhari, our amiable First Lady, and her younger brother, travelled from Kaduna to Abuja by train. They did this because this mode of transport is safer and more secure and comfortable for everyone including the First Family. This is the type of development that Amaechi brings to the people, the type that close the gap between the haves and have-nots.

Today Amaechi has built for us a rail system that both the lowest and highest class in the land can share. When he was Governor of Rivers State, his schools and hospitals for the masses were better than those of the highest class in the state. Agriculture that was meant for only poor people became something the government took seriously. The poor man didn’t need to know anybody to get jobs and scholarships abroad.

This is not really about what Amaechi did, but more about the content of his person and his outlook on governance. This is what we need in 2023, a man who can bring governance closest to the grassroots and elevate the standards of the poorest to what is acceptable globally.

Amaechi is not interested in the criminal acquisition of wealth. He’s from the south where people love to display wealth, he’s not a Muslim that tend to live piously, and he’s been in positions where he could buy the whole Port Harcourt like his successor is doing, yet Amaechi is not flamboyant or drawn to money and wealth. He wasn’t lying when he said he doesn’t like money in response to witch-hunt from those who worship money. Amaechi is so down-to-earth that he can eat with you in the lowest restaurant even now as a Super Minister.

Amaechi is a humble man with big dreams and bold moves. The only thing about Amaechi that is not humble is his balls and courage and his visceral disdain for untrustworthy fellows, because he himself is by nature The Trusted One.”

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