The Federal Commissioner, Public Complaints Commission in charge of Rivers and Bayelsa States, Hon. Marshal Israel has appealed to Christians to pray for Nigeria. He made the appeal while speaking on “Alternative Dispute Resolution Approach” on Saturday 1st of May, 2021 in a special worship gathering captioned “SINGSPIRATION WORSHIP,” organized by Adventist Men organization of Rumuokwuta District of Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Port Harcourt Conference.

The timely appeal became necessary following the rising cases of widespread insecurity ravaging different parts of the country, involving destruction of life and properties worth billions of naira to which Rivers State, South South and South East States of the country are not exempted.

“If you think you are safe and immune to the crisis in Nigeria, remember you have friends and brothers all over Nigeria. If it will not affect you directly, it will affect you indirectly and that’s the reason why we must pray and make conscious effort for peace and stability of Nigeria”.

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He insisted that all Nigerians must begin to earnestly pray for the peace, unity, progress and betterment of Nigeria. He also urged all present to add work to their prayers since the two work together to bring about the actualization of our desires and aspirations in life. Stressing the importance of adding serious work to our prayers, he stated “we must do our part diligently, God will not do for us the things we should do for ourselves.” He also advised the youths to show commitment to their dreams and aspirations in life if truly they want to be successful, in life. “All things are absolutely possible With God and unyielding determination.”

According to Gideon U. Nwaokugha – Onyesoh, On conflict resolution, Hon. Marshal Israel appealed to Nigerians and humanity at large to deploy peaceful conflict resolution approach in resolving their differences with one another as it is less expensive, more rewarding and peace-establishing in nature.

“Rather than go to court or resort to social media or violence, differences between individuals and groups however serious can actually be fruitfully and peacefully resolved through dialogue and negotiation which have timelessly proven to be generally better”.

“We got the NDDC, Ministry Of Niger Delta Affairs, Amnesty Office and Vice Presidential slot through dialogue and negotiation. Nobody gets anything through violence. But if we must agitate and protest, it must be within the ambiance of the law. We must learn to agitate for our right without being brutish and stupid. No Government will allow you destroy Government facilities and kill security agents in the name of agitation. Agitate peaceful and nonviolently but open the door for dialogue and negotiation” he stressed.

The event which took place at Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Rumuokwuta, had the attendance of men and women of different profession, age demography, status and tribe.


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