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PHALGA CONSTITUENCY 3: Leave Nancy Stephen, Igo Chinda, Others Out of Your Hate & Campaign of Calumny, Group Warns

by True Blue Reporters

A group in All Progressives Congress, PHALGA, Rivers State have come out to warn those they described as being sponsored to malign some leaders of in PHALGA constituency 3.

They stated, “the attention of Concerned Progressives in PHALGA has been drawn to a poorly orchestrated slander aimed at the towering images of some APC leaders in PHALGA in respect to the house of assembly ticket for PHALGA constituency 3.”

The group in a statement signed by Mr Chizarum Amadi, Hon Frank Koko, Prince Chimenem Odum, Mrs Patience Oganwo said, “Ordinarily we would have let this slide but for the purpose of record,and for the saying that “when a LIE travels too far without been punctured by the TRUTH; it becomes the TRUTH to the people”

“Hon Nancy Stephens, Igo Chinda and Hon Chochi Amadi have distinguished themselves above petty and politics of slander.”

“The sponsor of this campaign of calumny has a questionable antecedent and has never said anything good about the leader Rt Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi only added the names of Hon Nancy Stephens and Hon Igo Chinda to give flesh to their sinister plan and the real MOTIVE for this baseless allegations is to rope in Dame Judith Amaechi, wife of the Hon Minister of Transportation and Leader of APC in South South who has been a champion for female inclusion in governance from her days as 1st lady as an autocratic person.”

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According to them, “Even the present Chairman of APC PHALGA Hon Chike Orlu wasn’t spared by this centrifugal forces as he is also accused of been “DISLOYAL” just months after his emergence because he stands by the truth and wants equity.”

“Hon Nancy Stephens is the welfare secretary of APC in the state and a LEADER in PHALGA Constituency 2 and we begin to wonder how they would want to rope her into the politics of Constituency 3 were she’s neither a resident or voter aside soliciting for female inclusion and equity which she’s been a strong advocate for.” They stated.

“We wish to put records straight that as CONCERNED PROGRESSIVES in PHALGA, our aim and concerted efforts should be to take over the poor leadership from the clueless PDP rather than engage in needless slander as a house divided against itself is already positioned for failure.” They said

“Hon Nancy has been having so many death threats but she has remain resolute in pursuit of women being injured in the scheme of things. She is a model for all women of Rivers State and beyond,an unassuming personality refined to the core. A prime and proper nigerian british trained lady who goes about her normal duties why ?? If we may ask her only crime is to support the cause of women.” They stated

“Leave Hon Nancy Stephens out of your politics of HATE and SLANDER or we won’t hesitate in taking every legal step in ensuring people are brought to justice.” They warned

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