Over 45billion Naira Unaccounted for Host Communities in Indorama Eleme Petrochemicals Limited in Rivers state


According to the host communities, “from 2012 till date over 45Billion naira has gone through Elano investment limited and 22% that is supposed to have been kept by now should be nothing less than 9billion naira without interests.”

They further frowned at what Elano is doing to the communities without remorse nor conscience, thereby squandering what belongs to the people for themselves

“As at today below is the account balance & details of Elano investment limited that claimed have been saving 22% in a reserve account, 25% for community developments, 45% for dividend sharing and 8% for Elano themselves.
1) Elano dividend Acct.
A/c 3693474045.
Bal. #48.01 —debit.
2) Elano Trust Reserve Acct.
A/c 3693474052
Bal. #8,241,820.63 -credit
3) Elano Community Development Acct.
A/c 3693474069

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According to them, “above is their account balance and they say we should not query their activities, who does that?”

“This is inexplicably pathetic. Indeed, the host communities are in trouble and danger.” They cried out


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