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Oby Ndukwe: Amaechi Will Tackle Insecurity In Nigeria, A Case Study of His Reign As Rivers Governor

by True Blue Reporters

Oby Ndukwe, a prolific writer, media mentor and human capital builder has added her voice on the need for Nigerians to support Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi as next president after President Mohammadu Buhari.

Oby in a statement titled LET IT BE DONE IN NIGERIA AS IT WAS DONE IN RIVERS recounted Amaechi’s declaration speech on the issue of tackling insecurity and the possibility of him achieving it if given the opportunity to take over as President of Nigeria. She cited the Rivers State scenario while Amaechi was a governor.

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According to Oby Ndukwe, “One major takeaway from his Declaration speech is the issue of tackling insecurity. He said, “as Governor, I fought mercantile militancy”. It was not a hidden problem when he took over the seat as Governor. The state was witnessing high level militancy where people walked in the day time with their hands lifted up, slept with their eyes open and moved with a readiness to scamper to safety. The kind of insecurity similar to the kind we are currently faced with.”

To drive her point on the gravity of insecurity experienced then in Rivers State before Amaechi became the governor, she stated,

“A mini Sambisa Forest was located in the creeks and forests of Okochiri in Okrika Local Government. He laid the foundation for the peace currently being enjoyed by the people of the area and Rivers people in general.”

Oby recalled the positive effect of C4i security outfit introduced by Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi as Executive Governor of Rivers State.

“The C4i Security was and still remains the best approach to insecurity. He has walked through the fires and has an experiential knowledge of how to tackle the surging insecurity in the nation. It is not mere rhetoric or mere visit to troops to “hear and feel their pains, and experiences” she stated

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