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I Am Not A Social Media Influencer ~Nkemka Amadi lament

by True Blue Reporters

Nkemka Amadi, a Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State cries out on how he has been degraded to the level of being regarded as a common social media influencer.

According to him, “the present day youth are suppose to be seen as the leaders of tomorrow whose responsibilities shoulders on how to move the country forward, savage the country from its total collapse and providing quality leadership for the younger generation but are now the one’s commonly taking photographs at every political events with leaders who had been in corridor of power for too long navigating around positions till date and who are old enough to retire to their respective country homes to render elderly and advisory roles to their families and communities”

He wept for the youths and advised youths to be proactive and take responsibilities of their action which will ultimately define their future and put them in the scheme of things.

Nkemka Amadi maintained that they should hence forth be vigilant and bold enough to regain their lost ground as true leaders of tomorrow who truly they are. He elucidated that they should simply put into cognisance by comparing the ages of those they call leaders today with their present age and compare it with the age they began to enjoy political positions and assume responsibility.

He wondered why those who have severally enjoyed and benefited from the system have blatantly refused to extend such opportunities to our youth. Instead, they see them as mere errands boys, tauts and social media influencers with no economic and social value. He maintained on strong term that the youth of our time should start taking responsibility on matters that concern their lives, well being and the nation.

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He stated, “Those we call our leaders today were at their 30’s when they were offered exotics political positions such as Commissioners, Assembly Members, Local Government Chairmen, Board Members, Special Advisers, etc both to the Governors and Presidents respectively. Sad enough, many youth above their 40’s today can hardly boast of becoming and ordinary Ward Chairmen or Councilors yet they find themselves running around leaders with their phones taking photographs just for them to be identified and be referred to as social media influencers”.

“the youth of today must take full control of the political space, make impact and bring the needed change that the country desire else they will continue to be used till God knows when”. He stated

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