FG to Pay at least 50k and at most 100k to all Civil Servants as Palliative ~Chris Ngige


The Minister of Labor and Employment, Dr. Chris Ngige on Tuesday in an interview with Channels disclosed that part of federal government plans to cushion the effects on the rise in price of PMS and other tarrif is to distribute at least 50 thousand naira and at most 100 thousand naira among civil servants in the country.

He also pointed out that about one hundred buses are already being made available for transportation challenges as more are being expected and that use of gas will be the alternative for the buses.

The minister explained that “nobody will or should take credit to the previous fall in pump price of PMS, it was purely as a result of market forces”

He further clarified that it is not the making of anyone in Nigeria that the price of PMS has risen and is rising, according to him, “there’s nothing anyone can do about it”

Ngige stated that the benchmark for oil price is purely an OPEC business and not the Federal Government of Nigeria. Thereby, exonerating the presidency from the rise in Petroleum product as is being experienced in the country.

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On the issue of why Labour suspended it’s planned nationwide strike over the issue of rise in price of PMS and electricity tariff, the minister said, “NLC have seen that the government is sincere and that it’s not the making of Federal Government”.
He stated that the issue of subsidy has been laid to rest as it doesn’t exist in the 2020 Budget.

Ngige assured the workers of plans put in place by the Federal government to cushion the possible hardship the rise in prices may cause


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