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Dr. Sylvia Cole Galvanizes Support for Her Husband, As Group Inaugurate Tonye Cole Media Centre

By Dandy Loveday

by True Blue Reporters

A group known as Tonye Cole Media Centre, TCMC on Tuesday met at the Rivers APC Secretariat, Port Harcourt to further strategize on galvanizing more support for the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Pastor Tonye Patrick Cole with Dr Mrs Sylvia Cole in attendance



The inaugural meeting of the TCMC volunteers, as convened by Director General of the group, Dae Steven Deegbara, seek to galvanize a decent and strategic media engagement team that will effectively communicate the Pastor Tonye Cole and Dr Innocent Barikor’s Governorship agenda to Rivers people.

True Blue Reporters gathered it was an interactive session where members had the opportunity to suggest ideas on how to develop content and use them to influence the media space and the voting audience towards victory for the APC and its candidates in 2023.

Addressing participants and members of the team, Dr. Mrs Sylvia Cole who is also the Proprietress of TCMC, thanked everyone for coming out despite their busy schedule and for the commitment displayed ever since the creation of the group in galvanizing support for her husband.

Mrs Sylva Cole encouraged everyone to stay away from insults, fighting and anything blood shed going ahead.

“In galvanizing support for my husband, learn from him and the way he approaches issues wisely. Observe him very closely, you’ll understand he doesn’t get involved in insults. Never engage yourselves in insults and fighting.”

She advocated for peace and charged the people to get more united than ever, as the growth and development of Rivers State should be of interest to all.

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In her magnanimity, Mrs Cole gifted nine members of the group with free Airtel Data Mifi’s which according to her, is the first batch in a series in other to encourage more people.

Mr Osondu Sacato Daniels, Prince Osaro Yaya, Goteh Goodluck, Charles Tubobanimi Cotterell, Princess Ogbonna, Constance Ochia, Ahiakwo Kelechi Chinwah, Madume Conscience and Amadi Thankgod benefited the Mifi

The group also go by the hashtags: #ColeBarikor2023

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