Dr Dawari George: The Missing Link in our Common Dream ~Nkemka Amadi


The Rivers State which was created on May 27, 1967, with about 54 years of existence, having almost all her founding fathers passed on, leaving the younger generation.

Recollecting the dreams, aspirations and monumental achievements of the founding fathers and juxtaposing with the unimpressive achievements of the present day government; the poor socio-economic and political environment, especially the bandwagon of youth restiveness and insecurity in Rivers State, amongst Unemployment, Hunger, Excruciating Poverty and Penury, creating vacuum in our Common Dream.

The Rivers State of our dream is envisioned to be inclusive and cohesive in almost every aspect of our activities: political, social, economic, cultural and so on. A state where all Rivers people would see themselves as a cohesive unit, where our dreams are made up.

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A state centered around a united and all-inclusion, not a State of Riverine and Upland; not a Rivers State of Ogoni, Kalabari, Ikwerre, Okrika, but of united and strong entity of a group of people sharing one political vision, cultural background.

The Link got dislocated, with a random path when government of those who seek for chiefly status and personal satisfaction ensued.

Realising that the world have moved from Industrial Age to Connected Economy, where Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Engineering is leading the path. Rather, Rivers State Government had continued to obsoletely proceed along unsustainable ideology.

Reviewing the comparative analysis of Rivers and Lagos State, While the later having connected her to the Ikeja capital of Lagos, Rivers has been unable to link the islands of Bonny, Bakana, Opobo, Andoni etc. to Port Harcourt.

Let us reawaken the dream of the founding fathers. Let us continue to work in the belief that Rivers people are one and we struggle together, fight together and enjoy together. The essence of political struggle is that it will bring some benefits – political, economic and even social benefits. Let us hope that when those benefits come, whether it is in sharing political office or for economic advantages, we should be able to accommodate each other in sharing them and enjoying them and when it comes to fighting for other things we should all join hands as a people to work for the interest of Rivers State.

It is on the strength of the above that we make bold for Dr Dawari George

Recall that Dr. Dawari George was born in a family of five children. His father is a Baptist clergy, who instituted Christianity in his family.

He was Chairman, National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), Rivers State Chapter. Subsequently, appointed as Commissioner for Energy & Natural Resources, consequentially from his leadership dexterity, He later ran and emerged as member, Federal House of Representatives, representing Akuku-Toru and Asari-Toru Federal Constituency.

Impressively, Dr. George who holds Ph.D in Political Economics and Development Studies, has special interest in things of God, where he is providing Spiritual and Financial Seed in his capacity as the President, Men Missionary Union Africa, Baptist Church.

Th above review of Dr Dawari George, places him as the antidote to the Socio-economic decadence, reactionary leadership, infrastructural decay, insecurity, unemployment and its bandwagon effects that has plagued Rivers State. As a Kalabari man, he balances the call for Political Equity in the Rivers State.

Therefore, Get involved and Support the Call for Dr. Dawari George for the Executive Governor of Rivers State 2023.


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