Day 2 of Sir Lucky Worluh Free Medical Outreach in Rural Area


The Free Medical Outreach organised by Sir Lucky Worluh in the rural area entered Day 2 on Saturday with large number of persons attended to after large turn out on Friday the Day 1.

The team carried out medical test, diagnosed and attended to patients with High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Sugar Level and More. Optical tests were also carried out with Free Medical Eye Glasses issued in large number.

Remarkably, patients with High Blood Pressure as high as 260/130, 200/100 and more where diagnosed and free medical attention given to save the lives. Imagine that there was no such free medical program at this time? Death rate may have increased in the area.

While many continued thanking Sir Lucky Worluh for his magnanimity in the life of less privilege, the pastors in the area who where also touched by the crowd receiving free medical care, offered prayers for the man who chose to save lives and has done them so good.

Indeed, the magnanimity and the lives God has used Sir Lucky Worluh to save through his Free Medical Outreach is marvelous and worth emulating by all well meaning individuals in our society


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