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The global pandemic, COVID-19 which seem to have ravaged many lives globally came to all as surprise and unprepared. Even government at different levels where overshadowed at certain time, which resulted to total lockdown as the possible solution then to tackle the spread.

Government of different countries including Nigeria at the federal level took divers steps to see that its citizens do not get more infected beyond the level the spread was going. The states followed suit in every effort to bring to halt the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, even at the local government level.

Then, the search for solutions heightened with medical professionals and scientists making endless moves to ensure they come up with vaccines and other medications that could battle the ravaging pandemic, which obviously had already taken many lives.

Finally, a globally accepted vaccine was produced, despite the arguments in some quarters on the genuineness of the produced vaccines. Then, different countries went for it and it was beginning to go round with a global relief as the way out to ending the pandemic COVID-19.

The Nigerian government made the vaccine almost compulsory for its citizens after series of endless sensitization all over the media and other platforms. They made the use of facemask mandatory and further introduced washing of hands in running waters and use of alcohol based hand sanitizers.

Mr Dandy Loveday who narrated his experience to TrueBlueReporters stated that whatever pain that came after the vaccination, cannot be compared to health and life. According to him,

“I took the first dose of the vaccine. Initially, it looked like nothing passed through till evening when the reaction began, starting with the hand I actually took the vaccine. Late at night, I observed I couldn’t raise my hands and was experiencing fever same time. Sadly, I didn’t follow the doctor’s instruction to take paracetamol as I get home. It would have saved me the initial pains and experience. Then, something happened…”


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