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Brain Damage & Blindness, EX-BBNaija Housemate, Boma Gives Shocking Medical Revelation

by True Blue Reporters

Boma Akpore offers a startling account of a medical ailment that nearly left him brain damaged and blind.

Boma claims that the fight began when the actor contracted COVID in 2020 and gradually worsened until it was almost life-threatening.

His Instagram post claimed that he endured days of discomfort due to a sinus illness that never lasted more than a day.


He wrote in a long message;

“My Declaration!

I contracted COVID-19 on December 2, 2020, and as a result, I was faced with horrible sinus infection.

A frightening statement from an ex-BBNaija housemate describes how he nearly lost his sight and suffered brain damage.
I then became quite busy moving from One film to another.

I spent another six months in Nigeria after moving from one place to another in the US because of my commitments to Big Brother Nigeria and other press commitments.

The sinus pain persisted for about a year after that, so I made the decision to move back home to New York. I made the decision to visit an allergist, and between January and March 2021, I had a lot of doctor’s visits and tests, the results of which were really unpleasant.

I was only breathing via my left nostril because the right side of my face and nostril were occluded. At this point, I always wake up with catarrh My only choice at this point was to have a surgery as my doctor recommended.

The procedure was scheduled for April 12. Suddenly, I was cast in a Nigerian film, and production got underway. On April 8, we took the option to stay until after the shoot to get the procedure. The reunion date was planned while I was in Nigeria, so I accomplished two goals at once.

Back to New York City on May 7 after the final episode was filmed to get ready for my surgery on May 13. The doctor informed me that the infection had already spread to the back of my head and warned me that because the surgery was so close to my brain, I might go blind or suffer brain damage. I became very frightened at this point.

Surgery began at 6:30 a.m. and was predicted through 12pm got me sleeping for more 3hrs. I give God all the praise am alive and back to the gym, ready to resume work also.

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