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2023: Masi Prince Ernest Declares For ONELGA Constituency 1 RSHA

By Dandy Loveday

by True Blue Reporters

Ahead of 2023 election, Engineer Masi Prince Ernest on Thursday declared his interest to run for Rivers State House of Assembly, ONELGA Constituency 1. Assuring the people of total inclusiveness as he seek for support and vote.

Addressing the people at Okposi Primary School Field, Masi Prince Ernest that the APC will not only be on the ballot, but that it will win elections in 2023. According to him,

“Today, I have decided to inform my people that come 2023, We will be on the ballot. We will not only be on ballot, we will win elections.”

He declared his intention to represent the constituency, assuring that he will make positive difference from the usual style of poor representation in the past by those who went their earlier.

He stated, “Over the time, we have had representatives. Never a time have you been consulted by those who represented us. Today, our people have decided ‘enough is enough’.”

He revealed his next step after declaration and promised to get to the grassroot to seek for votes, not hiding on bullet proof vehicle to send others to go and suffer and later abandon the people after winning.

He said, “we will knock door to door in ONELGA. We will campaign everywhere and we will win”

“I don’t know why people feel that constituency 1 seat is reserved for someone who is retiring. We will win them”, he stated.

“We have called our people across the 10 wards to show our preparedness. I promise, if you make me your representative, I will set up Cooperated Trust Committee in the constituency. They will be part of our discussion before we sight our projects to deliver meaningful projects.”

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Masi faulted the sighting of project in burial ground and abandoning of the people after getting their vote in the past. He vowed to carry everyone along if voted in.

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